The Lifestyle

Here’s the thing about dating musicians: it’s only as fun as they are.  I’ve been accused of being a groupie just because of the lifestyle, not the music, and there’s truth to that.  After all, I’m not an artist.  I love music, but lots of people love music without that influencing the way they live.  The point of being a groupie is to be part of a certain lifestyle, a certain scene.

My new boyfriend isn’t a musician, but we have more fun together than I’ve had with any other boyfriend on a consistent basis.  We thrive on the same things–going to shows every Friday and Saturday, drinking and taking speed, and staying out till sunrise.  We’re so compatible in our interests and hobbies, because we both choose the same lifestyle.

Then again we’ve also talked about selling all our things and eloping to Ecuador to live off the land, so ya know. Options.


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