First time traveling

I’m going to Greece soon.  Very soon.  I’m going alone.  I’ve never traveled alone, or overseas, but I’m taking off for a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, for ten days, by myself, because I’m crazy.  And because I need to see more of the world, with or without companions.

Last winter I wanted to visit my sister while she was in London, but I couldn’t because I had an adult dependent.  I promised myself that I’d leave the country in 2015, one way or another.  Plans of traveling to Spain with my friend didn’t materialize, so I chose Greece on a whim.  I can’t really afford it, but I’ve at least booked the flights and B&Bs already, so I’ll figure out how to make the rest work.

I’ve done a lot of research in preparation, but I’m trying not to commit myself to too many plans.  I know when I’ll be staying in Athens, Meteora, and Santorini, but I’m not locked into any activities.  I’ll be sure to explore the ruins of the Acropolis, scour the shops of the Plaka, hike around the clifftop monasteries of Meteora, and watch the sunset over Oia.  But, I’ll also have time to wander fields and side streets, write in open-air coffee shops, and drink at local dive bars.  I’m especially curious about the local rebetika music scene.

Sex tourism is a thing, according to my travel research.  Not necessarily in Greece, specifically, but people travel the world with the intent to have sex with as many foreigners as possible, usually prostitutes.  It really is a shame that privileged people exploit poor sex workers in third world countries for their own amusement.  Obviously that’s not okay.  I could see sex tourism with locals as an interesting hobby though, in situations where money isn’t exchanged and power dynamics are removed.  The fact that I enjoy variety is no secret, and maybe if I were wealthier, more adventurous, and not dating someone I don’t want to give HIV to, I would consider a world sex tour a valuable cultural experience.  Honestly, having sex with new people teaches you a lot about yourself.  Why not combine that with solo travel?

I want to blog while I’m in Greece, but there are so many travel blogs out there, and I’m so inexperienced.  I don’t have any tips or advice.  I’m not even all that confident I won’t get kidnapped. People are telling me to join all sorts of group tours and activities, but really, what I want is to sit on an oceanfront terrace sipping tea or a cocktail and tapping away at my keyboard. I just need to know what to say.


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