Lost dog

Last week I had a dog for six hours.  Now I’m trying to get her back.

She was leashed to a tree outside my apartment building.  When it became apparent that her humans weren’t around, I sat outside to play with her and keep her company.  Neighbors told me that she had been tied out there for a few hours, and I started to get worried.  After dark, I left a note on the tree with my phone number and an explanation, asking the owners to call me when they wanted to pick her up.  Then I took her around the street and asked if she belonged to anyone.  She didn’t, but I met a vet tech who agreed to help me.

Because of Bunny, I couldn’t keep a terrier loose in my apartment while I was at work.  So the vet tech set up a dog crate in my kitchen, and she also gave me some dog food.  It was getting late at night, but we agreed that after I got home from work the next day, I’d bring the dog to the vet and we’d scan for a microchip.  I’d also post photos online, in case she wasn’t abandoned and her family was searching for her.

Of course, I felt sorry for the little sweetie.  She was very loving, nuzzling up to my face and climbing all over my lap.  We’d determined that she didn’t have fleas, so I decided to let her sleep with me.  The doggy and I settled into bed, her furry body pressed against my leg.  I listened to her soft snoring as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, around 2:30 AM, and discovered that she had peed in my bed a couple times.  I wanted to get her outside ASAP, but I was drunk and groggy, and I was having trouble finding the leash.  Though I was pretty certain I’d hung it on a doorknob, I checked every doorknob and it wasn’t there.  My neighbors let their dogs out in our fenced-in gangway, though, so I opted to just let her out unleashed.

As soon as I opened the door, she made a mad dash for the fence, and she slipped right through.  She was gone.  I couldn’t see her anywhere.

The next day I went out walking with fried chicken and dog treats, but she was nowhere to be found.  I wrote to animal shelters and posted her photos online, but so far, more than a week later, there is still no sign of her.  There is no indication that her family is looking for her, either.  She’s just out there, alone and scared.  I had a duty to protect her, and I completely failed.

I couldn’t necessarily keep a dog, mainly due to having Bunny and also the simple fact that I’m gone for 11 hours a day at work.  But I could’ve rehomed her with a family member or friend, and I would’ve known she was safe.

Now all I can do is worry.






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