Being a groupie in Chicago

There’s a reason why I live in a city where the weather is horrible approximately two-thirds of the year.  The rock scene is absolutely thriving right now, growing and becoming stronger and more cohesive.  There’s so much good music, and everyone supports each other.  I’m so lucky to be a part of it.  I go to at least one show a week, and I’m meeting so many new people.  Whether it’s the handsome stranger I had sex with upstairs in the corner at Double Door, or the band I just met and partied with until sunrise, blowing huge lines and talking about classic rock, the people I’ve been meeting and spending time with are wonderfully fun and exciting.  I’m so very grateful to be here, in the here and now.

Alcohol has enriched my life in important ways, and I want to acknowledge that, because I usually only focus on the obvious negatives of being an alcoholic.  But alcohol is a facilitator for so many social interactions, and I am very appreciative of that.  Drinking at shows gives me the confidence and nonchalance to talk to people who intimidate me, and it’s something to bond over.  Without it, I wouldn’t have the courage to approach a complete stranger and say, “You’re handsome, so what’s your story?”  Buying a round for the band is also a great way to become their new friend.

Related to that, though, is how fortunate I am to have the financial means to go out as often as I do.  Now that I’m not wholly supporting a 37-year-old, rarely employed, lowlife of a junkie anymore, I’m constantly patronizing the arts (buying merch and drinks) and jetsetting (Ubering) around the city.  The circumstances are all right for me.

Music is finally going in the right direction again, and what I’ve got is perfect.  I never expected I’d be able to achieve my life goals to this extent.  It’s the prime time to be a Chicago groupie.


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