You know you’re a fucking sexual deviant when you come home from work and your boyfriend says, “I did some laundry today.  Your pajamas are folded on the table over there, and your socks and underwear are back in your socks and underwear–and turkey baster?–drawer.”  I laughed heartily and told him I’d explain later.

October has never been my favorite month for three main reasons: 1) it’s cold, 2) I hate Halloween, and 3) my birthday is the 30th, so I have to get older.  But this year I’m looking forward to it because I get paid three times!  Nothing could be more exciting right now.  With these added funds, I intend to force my love to brave the great outdoors and go pumpkin picking with me.  I probably have even less of a chance of making him enjoy nature than he has of making me enjoy football, but I’m going to give it my all to instill in him a sense of peace and happiness away from the living room with the blinds closed.

Of course, another reason I’m stoked for October this year is that Kevin and Big Paraid are headlining Double Door’s Halloween Bash as David Bowie. I’ll be celebrating my birthday as the belle of the ball! I’ll feel like such a star, watching my darling entrance everyone. All the girls will want to be me.

Travel will not be accomplished in 2014, though.  I acknowledge and accept that.  My little sister is studying abroad for a month in England, and I was really hoping to spend some time with her there, but unexpected expenses have nixed that possibility.  I’m determined, though, to leave the continent in 2015.  It has to happen, or there will be serious repercussions.  My friend wants to go to Spain, so that seems like a good option.  It’s first world, yo hablo un poquito español, and most importantly, I have a willing (and awesome) travel companion.  Neither of us will have much of a budget, but if we camp, couchsurf, and stay in hostels, we should be able to stretch our dollars well enough to see all the sights and drink all the wine. Planning starts today.

I’m off to LiveWire to meet up with her for Spain research and to gratuitously tip my boyfriend at his first-ever bartending job. I’ll try not to drunkenly book a flight.


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