Following fashion, AKA first world problems

Nail piercings: so tacky they’re almost cool in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way?  Or so tacky they’re just plain disgusting?  Can they be hipster ironic, or are they only white trash?  Opinions.

The other day I had to splurge on some heels for a wedding, despite the fact that we’re pretty much financially limited to eating rice and kale at this point, and as I was walking around State Street, I found myself getting increasingly pissed off.  Not just at the slow-moving tourists, but at all the fashionable people who are able to go on shopping sprees in these stores, coming out with armloads of platform wedges and infinity scarves and wide leg pants.  Then there’s me, plodding along in my $15 flats that are falling apart, that I have to glue together.  And then they fall apart again, so I glue them again, until I essentially wear them down to nothing and eventually have to come up with another $15 for generic, everyday black flats I can and will wear with any outfit.  I love clothes, but I’ll never get to be one of those girls who looks stylish.  I can’t afford to be fashionable.  

In college a few years ago I studied apparel merchandising, and I remember looking longingly at the other girls in my classes every day, hoping so much for the day to come when I, too, could afford a pair of leggings, maybe a cowl neck sweater.  Everyone else looked so in.  I was so bland.  Since then I’ve graduated and gotten some real jobs, so I’ve been able to afford wardrobe updates now and again.  I have multiple pairs of leggings and tights, for instance.  But now I’m in my own place with all my own bills, and I’m back to the point where a new top every six months is the best I can realistically expect.  Add in the fact I have a family to support (er whatever–one man and one duck) on an entry-level salary, and there’s seriously no chance I’m gonna be strutting down the Magnificent Mile swinging shopping bags any time in the foreseeable future.

It sucks not being able to present myself the way I’d like to.  I do the best I can with what I’ve got, but I’m not really satisfied with it.

That’s the end of my white girl rant.


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