Setbacks to my new life

I’ve been discouraged ever since I lost an apartment I really wanted.  It was 400 square feet, with a small deck, three huge closets, a separate kitchen, big windows, and a bus stop right outside.  We both loved it right away and started planning the fun little life the three of us would build together there–me, Kevin, and Bunny.  I packed my boxes and drew my furniture onto copies of the floor plan.  I blew hundreds of dollars on homegoods and notified HR of an upcoming address change.  Then my rental application passed to upper management, and they rejected me.  Because of Bunny.  Because of my “livestock.”

Having a pet duck has been the biggest obstacle in my apartment hunt.  I’ve been looking seriously for almost two months now, sending multiple inquiries every day, and nearly every response I receive is, “No ducks.”  I never expected this problem.  A few rejections, sure.  But landlords that allow all varieties of dogs won’t allow my duck, and I can’t fathom why.  A half-pound duck in a diaper is nowhere near as destructive as a cat or dog.  There’s potential for damage if her pen were to leak, but any pet can cause damage, and that’s what pet deposits are for.  She’s not going to tear up a carpet or chew on a door.  She’s not going to attack anyone or make other residents afraid.  She’s tiny, dumb, and harmless.

So we’re back to square one, running around the city trying to make it to appointment after appointment, spending way too much money on cabs and fast food, getting done too late at night and losing so much sleep, only to be repeatedly disappointed at how shitty most apartments are.  We can’t relax, because we have nowhere to go.  We want our own space, and Bunny needs it.

Still, I’m so happy for what we have.  I can’t believe we’ve gotten this second chance.  I never thought it was possible that we could start again–especially considering I truly thought he hated me by now–but he went through hell and back, and came back to me.  I’ve got the sweetest, gentlest, goofiest, prettiest boy back in my life again.  We’re completely taken with each other, just madly in love, and we’ll deal with these setbacks together, as a team.  For the first time, we can wholly share our lives.


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