Alone time

I’ve been spending more time alone lately, which I really enjoy, although I’m disappointed that I had to stop hanging out with some musicians I liked.  It turns out that not everyone wants to just casually date a slutty alcoholic with no money or sense of responsibility.  Fortunately, I still know one who does, and we’re totally on the same page in terms of what we want out of dating right now.  It’s excellent.  I’m also on good terms with the other girl he’s seeing, which makes it even better.  Three cheers for new friends!  Plus, I like that when there are spots on his sheets, I know who they’re from, and I approve.

Point being, though, that it’s really good to kind of stop and smell the roses once in awhile.  I’ve been out of my element with the amount of socializing I’ve done lately, and sometimes I need to take a break to recover.  Granted, most of my alone time is spent drinking tea and watching HGTV marathons, with some hardcore job hunting sprees thrown in, but it feels really good.  I like when it’s just Bunny and me sometimes.


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