Why I Hate Dan Stevens

He’s an ass.  I hope his “movie career” continues to fail the way it’s seemed to so far.  Didn’t he realize what he was doing?  Didn’t he realize how important he was to Downton Abbey?

Not only did he ruin Mary’s life, he ruined the whole direction of the show.  The whole point of his character was to be the heir.  Sure, they have George as the heir now, and Mary gets power, but that’s not where the show was meant to go.  He completely threw us all for a loop, and it’s not the same anymore.

I loved Matthew.  I really, really did.  I’ve always been Team Branson, but still, I absolutely loved Matthew.  He was sweet and wonderful and interesting and the answer to everyone’s prayers.  What would possess Dan Stevens to give up that character, messing up the show and incurring the wrath of fans everywhere?  Whether he likes it or not, Downton Abbey is his legacy.  He should not have quit while he was ahead.  Because he sure isn’t ahead anymore.

Don’t we all remember this?  REMEMBER THIS?!


THIS is where Downton Abbey was going.  This was the direction of the show.  Everyone’s favorite group hug was the future of Downton.  Look at how happy they were!  And we were too.

Dan Stevens ruined it.  Fuck him.


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