There’s this new commercial out for Summer’s Eve in which a guy accidentally uses his girlfriend’s vaginal wash as soap in the shower, and then he goes on a big manly man-spree to prove his manliness because he’s so appalled that he got lady stuff on himself.  He’s, like, all feminized now.  The horror!

So, this commercial is doubly offensive.  First, it implies that it’s so super embarrassing for a guy to use a product meant for women, because that’s damaging to his masculinity, and masculinity is wonderful and powerful while femininity is inferior.  But, of course, secondly it’s offensive just because douching is a thing.

Douching is bad for you.  I think we all know that douches are basically vagina poison.  But for some reason, a good amount of women still do it.  I can’t wrap my head around this.  If you douche, I’m not gonna say you’re wrong…but you’re wrong.  There’s nothing okay about putting harmful chemicals into your vagina, damaging the delicate tissues and altering the pH and leaving yourself vulnerable to nasty infections.  This shit is oppressive!

Truth is, it’s normal for the vag to have a little bit of a smell.  If it’s a strong smell, you probably didn’t wash well enough or maybe you need to go to the doctor.  But, like, leaving a scent on your fingers after you touch yourself down there?  That’s supposed to happen.  That’s normal.  Hell, haven’t you noticed that guys have a bit of an odor down there too?  Yeah, it’s part of being human.  Get used to it.

As feminists often say, what did your poor vagina ever do to you?  What did she do to deserve this?  Well, actually, considering the amount of problems mine has given me over the years, I think of her as kind of a crotchety (heh) bitch, but I know that introducing flower-scented chemicals certainly won’t improve the situation.  Nobody’s vagina likes that.  Just wash it with water.  Give the poor thing a break.


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