I feel really positive about the new people in my life.  They’re not only creative and talented, but they’re genuine too.  The other day I was talking to a new musician friend of mine about his general music history, and it was so refreshing to hear him talk about it in such a good and wholesome way.  A lot of these people that I know now have such an inspiring perspective.  They do what they do out of passion, out of a need to create art.  They’re not after money or material gain.  Money, jobs, relationships, families–all of those are secondary to the music, as I’ve always felt they should be.  Their art makes them happy and fulfilled, rather than the size of their houses.  I find that mentality really healing for me to be around.

An extravagance I do need a bit of cash for, though, is traveling.  There’s so much world out there I need to see!  Never mind that I want to spend more time in the American Southwest and visit the Southeast for the first time, but there are other countries and continents I still need to explore!  But, that is precisely why CouchSurfing.org was invented, and it will be my key to travel.  I’m thinking that my first trip will be to Latin or South America.  I can’t wait to travel around on rickety, open-air buses, taste local foods at market stands, attend ceremonies, hike through jungles and mountains, visit historical sites, gather handmade trinkets and artifacts, go out dancing in new cities, and of course, have sex with beautiful foreign boys.  It will be an adventure of a lifetime.

I’ve been thinking I might like to dye my hair red, just for a short while.  A couple weeks.  We’ll see.


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