“To this day, if a girlfriend tells me she is dating a musician and he is messing around, I try to explain it to them. Anybody who seeks that much adoration at all times, who needs that much attention, is going to have trouble with fidelity. Date a rock star, and you are almost 100 percent going to get hurt, because there are very few guys in that scene who are going to reject hot pussy, ever. Unless you can deal with that, or get your own thing going on the side, I say run for the hills.”

Bobbie Brown, Dirty Rocker Boys

Yes, precisely.  All the more reason for open relationships.  Mutually consensual ones, of course.

And, I’m at a point in my life where I need that much adoration and attention too.  One is not enough.  It was before and it will be again, but right now, it’s not.


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