My kind of woman

Since I decided I want to be bicurious–yes it’s a choice, although the choice is just to identify as bicurious, rather than as a straight girl who very occasionally enjoys sex with girls–I suppose I should talk a little about “my type” of girl.

We all know what my type of guy is, but just in case you don’t, here you go.

My type of girl is different, though.  I’m still honing it in, actually.  I like girls who look like me, but not necessarily, or not exclusively.  Skinny is a must, I’m sorry to say.  Oppressive?  Yes.  But my taste is my taste!  A skinny blonde with small tits?  Want.

I’m a small A-cup, so I don’t like big boobs.  But as long as they’re not either puffy or floppy, I’m probably okay with them being kind of big.  Basically, I’m not attracted to anyone whose body I’d want to have or whose body I wouldn’t want to have.  I’m attracted to girls who look good, like I do, and who I wouldn’t want to look like because I like looking like me.  She looks good, I look good, it’s all good.

I once had sex with a cute younger brunette stripper college student from the suburbs with a septum ring who I never managed to get in contact with again, and that’s too bad, because I discovered that she was my type too.  She had a full butt and hips, which I don’t have, but I was totally into them.  Her boobs were bigger than mine but still not big.  So, yeah, I like them skinny and small-chested and -hipped like me, except when they’re not, which is also okay.

(No, I didn’t just try to contact her for that.  I only wanted to be social network friends.)

This is weird, but I actually am not into the super beautiful girl.  I’m way into the super beautiful man, so go figure.  But I prefer a girl with a more unique and interesting face, over that perfectly symmetrical, porcelain and ideal one.  I appreciate “perfect” girls and recognize their beauty, but that’s not the girl I want to have sex with.  I might like to look at her and compliment her, but I don’t want to nail her.  Maybe I’ve just had too many beautiful friends throughout my life.  They were friends, not lovers.  Eww.

My type of girl is attractive and confident, interesting and intelligent, slim and sexy.  She’s coy, but she’s not fake.  She can look at me with her big doe eyes and hold a conversation about the direction of 21st Century cyber feminism.  You know, things like that.  I’m still figuring it out.

So yeah, if you’re slimmer than average, pretty in a slightly untraditional way, a little alternative, and into the vag and porny sex, gimme a call.  And if you’re not, we can still be non-sexy friends!

But honestly, I’m not into girls that often.


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