I got back down to my goal weight of 115, which I feel awesome about.  I look pretty damn good, too.  Hopefully I can start wearing size 1 jeans again, instead of 3’s.

I need to start doing some research to see if BDSM is right for me.  I never thought it was, but considering how sexually fucked up I am at this point, it’s starting to seem appealing.  Vanilla sex has weirded me out for a while now.  I like it violent.

As far as I’m concerned, anything north of Irving isn’t really Chicago.  But, it looks like I’ll probably end up living up there.  If I refer to living in Wisconsin, what I mean is Rogers Park.

How ironic that I had to quit my AR job in California the same day they prepared the offer of full-time, permanent employment, right?  Oh well.  Turns out they were really happy with me and I let them down.  Figures.

But, I talked to the lady I know at the staffing agency in Chicago, and she’s going to send me to interview with the company I used to love working for.  Yayayayayeaahhhhwoooo!

I hope to travel out of the country within the next 18 months.  Either Europe or South America.  It won’t happen, but keeping it in mind might help motivate me.

It’s amazing how lonely I’ve been, even though I’m surrounded by family all the time.  At least tomorrow night some friends said they’ll go out for my birthday.


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