Making Changes

Seven months in Long Beach and I still haven’t found a favorite restaurant.  It’s easy in Chicago, because no restaurant on the face of the earth can compare to Kuma’s Corner.  Kuma’s has everything—atmosphere, vibes, music, kitsch, and the best burgers on the planet.

To my chagrin, my most frequented restaurant here is Taco Surf.  The chips and salsa are good at Taco Surf, and the guacamole is good if standard.  I also think the veggie tacos are decent.  But nothing else I’ve ever had there was good or even worth finishing.  What I do like about Taco Surf is that if I want to get my boyfriend out of the house, all I have to do is mention the place and the response is almost Pavlovian.  But the food is not impressive at all–not that I expected much from a cheap chain.

Where should I be eating, Long Beach?  Please offer suggestions.

Relatedly, the BF and I both got all chubz so now we’re on the South Beach Diet, which is a major drag.  He’s way stricter than I am about it, because I’m more about counting calories with the Lose It! app, but I’m still trying.  It’s hard to go without carbs.  I can make it through a couple days, and then I end up binging on bread like a maniac.

The next phase of my weight loss plan is participating in Long Beach’s “Yoga on the Bluff” program, twice daily yoga classes overlooking the ocean.  I started last week, and it pretty much kicked my ass.  I get satisfaction from it, though, despite the pain, because it really feels like I’m doing something good for my body.  Plus, watching the pelicans dive in the surf helps distract me from how much downward dog sucks.

So, between doing yoga, limiting carbs, taking vitamins, going to therapy and a chiropractor, and not being a total alcoholic slob anymore, my body feels pretty good, and so does my mind.

I’m waiting for the crash of depression to come back, though.

Here are some photos from Yoga on the Bluff.

Image        Image     Image


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