Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another male-bodied person more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.

THIS is the sad truth.  Can we find out where this quote came from?


6 thoughts on “Male Privilege

  1. genderneutrallanguage

    So “male privilege” is the assumption that I can will and should put my life on the line to protect your honor. “Male Privilege” is the assertion that a man’s life is worth less than a woman’s honor.

    1. crystalscrisis Post author

      Hi, genderneutrallanguage,

      I’m thinking that you misunderstood the quote. What this quote is saying is that, in a scenario where a guy is trying to pick up a girl, if the girl says, “Sorry, I’m not interested,” the guy will be persistent. He’ll usually keep bugging her, insisting that she give him a chance. It’s only if she says, “I have a boyfriend,” that he’ll back off, in most cases. (Trust me, I’ve experienced this enough times to know it’s true.)

      What this indicates is that the guy in question doesn’t care about what the girl wants. If she says she’s not interested, the guy doesn’t care and will just keep bugging her. Only when she mentions a boyfriend, indicating that she’s basically “claimed” by another guy already, will he back off. He respects the wishes of the boyfriend, but not the girl he’s hitting on.

      I’m not sure where you got the part about a man risking his life to protect a woman’s “honor,” and I’m not sure what the honor thing means. It’s definitely not implied by this quote, though.


      1. genderneutrallanguage

        OK, so male privilege is the assumption that men are the ones that should take the emotional risks of approaching women and asking them out and being rejected over and over and over again. That men are the ones with the obligation to be actors and make things happen. Hey this is a step up, you don’t want me dead, you just want to crush my soul.

      2. crystalscrisis Post author

        Well now that’s just plain silly. If women always just have to wait around for men to ask them out, they might not get asked out at all! I can’t speak for all women, but in my dating history, I’ve usually been the one to make the first move. It’s okay for men to be shy! I find it kind of endearing sometimes.

      3. genderneutrallanguage

        Well anecdotal evidence. In 33 years, no female has ever asked me out EVER. Not even, lets get coffee. Not happened once. I’ve had men ask me out, but never a female.

        And statistical evidence. OK Cupid publishes stats. Women contact men so rarely that even with tens of thousands of members, they don’t have a good sample to look at.

        If you are asking guys out, GREAT. You are an anomaly, not average. We need more people like you actually breaking gender stereo types, and less people whining about “male privilege”

    2. crystalscrisis Post author

      OH! Now I see that you’re a troll. Never mind. Sorry for trying to explain the quote, since you obviously knew what it meant and just felt like extrapolating nonsense from it.


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